A Perfect Summer Strawberry Treat

I first read about these crisp bars on Smitten Kitchen’s blog, where she describes them as ah-ma-zing. Then, my friend made them and said they were delicious. I remained unconvinced. But, I had all the ingredients, and was desperately needing to do something with all the rhubarb that my mom had given me from her garden. So I gave them a shot. Yum.


It’s a perfect combo of rhubarb and strawberries, with a nice bit of sweetness and crunch. Plus, they are made with oatmeal, so they’re practically healthy. Right? Of course, since we eat these for dessert, they pair well with some creamy vanilla frozen yogurt or ice cream.

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Sweet and Tart Shortcakes

This week is a “skipped” week for our CSA, as we’ve had a bit of a delayed growing season around here. (Ahhh, the Polar Vortex…) So far this week, I’ve bought a bag of romaine lettuce from the grocery store (the whole head kind) and threw it away, as it was a wilted, soggy mess. I need some fresh greens! We managed to eat everything in our half share except for a bit of mustard greens and some radishes. Another time, I will post about the very simple and amazingly delicious scallion and pine nut crusted chicken we had for last night’s dinner.

From this week’s share of veggies, I was most excited to use the rhubarb, since I could use it to make something sweet and tasty – and my husband raved about how much he liked eating strawberry-rhubarb desserts as a child. Because my friend and I split the share, I didn’t have enough to make a pie; the internet seemed to imply that this was the most popular use. I’m also not sure I should make a whole pie for just my husband and I (although, I am confident we could eat the whole thing before it spoiled!). So after staring at mouth watering photos of rhubarb-based desserts, I decided to make strawberry rhubarb shortcakes. I actually found only one recipe that combined strawberry and rhubarb in a shortcake, but it used the berry-rhubarb mixture as a filling in an actual cake. I prefer shortcakes that are more like biscuits, so I ended up using a strawberry shortcake recipe, then modifying it to include the rhubarb. Continue reading